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December 21st, 2020

Mon, 21 Dec 2020 22:00:00 GMT

How to Repair Window Tint Scratches?

Professional repair or re-tinting can be either too costly to spend on or simply not in your cards because of the small size of the affected area. If you have all the tools necessary to correct the scratch, then a trip to the repair guy may be the best thing to do. Virtually anyone with a moderate level of skill in DIY or at-home repair projects can re-tint a car window. You just need care and sufficient patience to create a new patch in 5 easy steps. If done with precision, the end product will appear seamless to even the keenest eye. Also, car window tint scratch repair isn’t very different from house window tint scratch repair.

Window Tint Scratch Repair: Step-By-Step Guide 

Step One

Start by cutting around the scratched area with a razor blade. Remember to go deep enough to cut through all the layers of the film and reach the glass, preferably in a rectangular shape. The cut section should isolate the layer of undamaged tint.

Step Two

Take a bottle of liberal water and spray the cut section with a few drops. Wipe the excess water with a clean and dry towel. You should moisten the underneath of the damaged tint without saturating it with excess water. Thus, avoid pouring the water until it runs down your car window.

Step Three

Take your razor and slide it underneath one corner of the scratched section. Do this as you work up the film. If it starts to dry out, grab your bottle of liberal water and spray more water on it. Continue sliding the razor as more and more parts of the film come up to eventually create a tab. While it may be natural to feel the urge to pull off the corner and then peel the rest of the film up, it could run and ruin the remaining good tint especially if you didn’t slice the section way through, and might leave behind bare glass and glue. So, be diligent and cut out only the tint, getting every layer you need to remove one piece.

Step Four

So you’ve just removed the scratched part of your tint. Proceed to clear off the glue from your window using a razor and sprays of liberal water, rolling down the glue into small balls that can be easily picked off. Clean it thoroughly before wiping it firmly with a clean and moist towel. 

Step Five

Cut a sizable section of a matching tint film (should be a bit larger than what you removed). Take your bottle of liberal water and spray the section before quickly peeling the clear plastic/PVC backing from your tint film. Place the glue side on the section. Proceed to quickly squeegee out the remaining bubbles of air, forcing them towards the edge.

Finalize the process by trimming the tint into the right shape. Be precise with the old tint’s seam. The more precise the cut, the less likely anyone will notice the repair marks. Allow your new tint to cure in 24 hours.

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