Decorative Window Tint Trends
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Decorative Window Tint Trends

Mon, 18 Jan 2021 09:40:48 GMT

​What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear ‘decorative window tint’? Let me guess – the polarized, UV-rays-limiting tint type. And you know what? You’re right! But something you may not know is that there area variety of options that you can choose from when it comes to decorative window tint for house windows.
​How about we jump right in and look at some of the current trends in decorative window tint?
  • Stained Glass

This is a very popular trend right now, especially among restaurants, but you can also have it as your decorative home window tint. It involves installing stained glass with artistic scenes like green pastoral scenes or beach scenes. Sounds impressive, right?
And the effect of the tint is so realistic that someone might be forgiven for thinking that it is real cut or stained glass. It also comes in different options for small window spaces and large window spaces as well.

  • Different Colors

If you are a color person, it’s only right that your windows are not left out when it comes to decorative tint. Thanks to advanced new decorative window tint trends, you can now have your window panes in different colors.And these colors are available in various opacities from opaque to fully black to semi-translucent and completely transparent.
If you’re considering having different colors for your windows, let your imagination do the job. You can even mix different shades in each window pane or have a specific color for each window pane.

  • Different Shapes and Patterns

This trend is so popular right now, and this is hardly surprising considering how beautiful and classical some shapes and patterns are. Most homeowners tend to go with diamond or square designs, but this does not mean that you’re only limited to these patterns. You can choose other shapes and patterns to match your heart’s desires and come up with something exceptional.
And just so you know, you can also have different shapes and patterns for your decorative front door window tint. Clearly, we are living in good times. Aren’t we?

  • Blackout Film and One-Way Mirror

It’s a lazy weekend afternoon, and you’re indoors – with your missus! Then, an idea comes to your mind that you need to spice up things a little bit by ‘doing it’ in the sitting room. But, there is one problem – your neighbor has nosy kids who might want to peep through your clear windows and witness all the action. Now you are forced to close all the curtains first instead of just focusing on the meal before you. Sad, sad, sad…
Luckily, with blackout window film, you can have total darkness in your room so that anyone outside will not be able to see in. One-way mirror film ensures your windows are easy to see through when you’re inside but impossible for anyone outside to see in.
Talk To Our Decorative Window Tint Profesionals!
You’ve endless options when it comes to decorative window tint. You only have to imagine it, and you can get it. If you want to explore different trends in decorative window tint for your premise before choosing which one suits you most, give us a call here at Denton Window Tinting. Our specialists are on standby to answer all your questions and serve all your window tinting needs.

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