The Benefits of Window Tinting for Your Home

residential window tint

Tinting your windows has several advantages. Not only residential window tint prevent harmful UV rays from the sun, but it also offers some level of privacy and security. 



However, many homeowners didn’t like tinting their windows in the past due to limited options. But, nowadays, there are various films to choose from, including nearly visible, colored, and shaded tints. Plus, there are options designed for specific functions. For instance, some tints offer UV protection, others offer heat, flare, and glare reduction and others help with privacy and security.

Now, these options aren’t the same. So it means that the installation costs will also be different. Other factors that determine how much you’ll pay for residential window tint service are;

  • The size and number of your windows
  • How complex your windows are
  • The labor cost within that location
  • Why Tint Your Windows

Windows are an integral part of any home. Apart from helping with ventilation, they also help light a house by allowing natural light in. But, windows can create several issues, including too much glare, excess build-up of heat, and high energy costs that result from running your AC so that you can be comfortable.

Thankfully, you can control this problem by tinting your windows. The films are designed to offer comfort while lowering your energy bills.

So how do windows increase energy costs? Well, windows help regulate heat and energy in a home. However, if they are not treated, it may result in heat loss and heat gain in winter and summer, respectively.

Tinting your windows can, however, help lower the money spent on heating and cooling. The film reduces solar heat, hot and cold spots in the home, and prevents heat from escaping.

Also, when your windows are tinted, you’ll not worry about glare. So you can comfortably watch your television or use your computer during the day, even when your blinds, shades, and drapes are open. Plus, since the films are available in different shades, you can get one that suits your view.

What to Consider when Choosing a Window Tint Film

Think about the type of film. We’ve already mentioned that films are different. So consider one that is perfect for your needs. A professional can you choose the best film for your home. So get in touch with us today and we can talk about your tinting problem.

Also, since films are designed differently, they are compatible with specific windows. The best windows for tinting are those made of annealed glass or basic flat glass. A professional can help you identify the type of glass you have before buying the tint.

Now, homeowners can tint their windows by themselves. Just make sure that you are working on a clean surface and have the right tools. However, DIY window tinting can result in issues like dirt appearing beneath the film, scratches, bubbles, and wrinkles on the film. For these reasons, you should opt for a professional window tinting service.

If you are looking for a residential window tinting service, Denton Window Tinting is here for you. We have thick high-quality tints bonded with a strong adhesive that provides a clear and strong barrier that can hold the glass even during the impact of an earthquake. As such, you’ll be protected from the effects of shattered glass. But apart from that, the strong adhesive makes it harder for burglars to break your windows.

Final Thoughts

If you have older windows, tinting them can make your home’s energy more efficient as it helps retain heat in all weather. Tinting is also an affordable way of adding value to your home. Plus, most if not all window tinting films for residential include a lifetime warranty. Therefore, this gives you peace of mind since you know that your investment is protected in case of any issues.

 Denton Window Tint 

Dramatically reduces solar heat gain, allowing your entire home to be more comfortable. Also, window tinting blocks 99% of the utraviolet rays which is the single biggest cause of fading. We help you keep the interior of your home looking new!