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Texas window tint law and DIY: window tint

Tinting your vehicle’s windows can add comfort and style to your driving experience while helping to protect your interior from glare, ultraviolet rays, and light. However, it is vital to know your state’s tint laws before choosing a VLT or Visible Light Transmission percentage.

Texas window tint law
Texas tint laws were first enacted in 2009, and they govern how tinting should be applied to various vehicles. A 25% VLT tint is allowed on the windshield above the manufacturer’s AS-1 line.
DIY: window tint
Tinting your car windows is a pretty simple job that you can do yourself easily. However, you will need a few supplies to get the job done right. You will need a lint-free cleaning cloth, window-tint-film application solution, a scraper blade, a razor knife, a heat gun, an application squeegee, and of course, window-tint film.

  • Make sure to work in a dust-free place and avoid working in excessive cold or heat or on days with high humidity.    
  • Apply the application solution to the window exterior. Use the scraper blade to remove any debris, dust, and grime, and then dry the window glass with a squeegee.     
  • Place the tint film over the window to measure the exact size that you need. Use the application solution to hold the film in place with the protective-film layer facing upward.
  • Now spray the application solution on the inside of the window. Use a clear tape to fix the tint film to the window corner and then slowly peel off the protective liner from the film. As you peel, spray the application solution on the adhesive surface of the film.   
  • Discard the liner and bring the tint film from the outside of the window to the inside. Position the tint into place and run the squeegee over the film, pushing out any water and air out of the top.

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