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What Is The Best Window Tint for Home Privacy?

Mon, 25 Jan 2021 10:00:00 GMT

You could be looking into solutions that give you more privacy in your home. If this is the case then a privacy window tint could be what you need.
​In shopping for windows for privacy you’ll be presented with a lot of choices, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Here’s a short guide on the different types and how to choose the best window tint for privacy.
Mirror Window Film
A mirror window film is often referred to as a ‘privacy mirror’ because of how it works. Basically, the external-facing side of the window will have mirror-like characteristics and thus stop anyone from looking in.
This type of home window tint is great for large windows and glass doors that allow people to look into living areas. Light can still get in, but you’ll want to dim the indoor when night comes.
Solar Control Window Tint
A sun control window is exactly what it sounds like- a home privacy window tint that specializes in blocking out the UV rays while still allowing some sunlight to come through.
Solar windows tints come in different shades, and the darker the tint the less visibility (and greater heat and UV protection).
However, your home will become more visible during night time, which means less indoor light sources or employing blinds or shades in the evening.
Frosted Film
Frosted window tints are a great option for when you need privacy window tint for home. The term ‘frosted’ can mean translucent, whiteout or blackout.
Translucent tint is often used for bathrooms, while whiteout or blackout films are used to create a totally private space where nobody can see in or out. The only issue is that there’s very little light coming in, and traps heat when installed on exterior windows.
Decorative Window Film
As the name implies, decorative films allow for varied designs or etched themes without needing to have the glass replaced. Residential privacy window tint companies will have a lot of patterns, colors and designs you can choose from.
The upside of decorative tint is that you’ll have a one-of-a-kind window tint for house after the work is done. The film material can be made to give more privacy or allow less UV rays from entering your home.
Since decorative films are customized pieces they tend to be more expensive compared to mirror window or frosted films.
The Cost of Getting Window Tint Privacy Film
The good news is that getting a privacy window tint film for your home is now more affordable than ever. All homes and residential properties can certainly benefit from having window tint privacy in strategic places, such as the living room, dining room and bathroom, among others.
The cost of a residential privacy window tint can vary, depending on the film, window size, UV protection and if there are any additional designs. You also tend to get your money’s worth when it comes to buying a window tint for privacy as there are numerous benefits attached to them.

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